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Subject: See an Applause Outdoors 212 performance this Jubilee weekend


An update from Applause and PANeK on Applause Outdoors 212

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See Applause Outdoors 212 performances this Jubilee Weekend


Applause Outdoors 212 brings 7 exciting performances to 86 free outdoor events across Kent and East Sussex this summer. The extensive summer programme is presented by Applause Rural Touring and PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent).  

This Jubilee weekend many of the Applause Outdoors 212 companies will be presenting unique, roaming outdoor theatre at fetes, street parties and community picnics across Kent and East Sussex. Don't miss them!

There is a full list of events on the Applause Outdoors 212 website.

Here are a few photographs of the companies in action, plus an introduction to Puppit + Digit - robots from the Andromeda Galaxy who have landed on Earth to find out all about this special summer in Kent and East Sussex! A new peice of outdoor art commissioned by Applause Outdoors 212 - Puppit + Digit can be seen at Olympic Torch relay celebrations and festivals across both counties.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the many events happening throughout this summer.


Best wishes,


Holly Whytock

Applause Outdoors 212 Project Officer


The Galloping Cuckoos perform Driftwood in Canterbury

Puppit + Digit

Puppit + Digit meet people in Faversham

everyONE is looking for someONE

Accidental Collective perform everyONE is Looking for someONE


The Honk Project: Trundlehonk!

The Machine

Little Cauliflower: The Machine

The Last Apothecary

Dizzy O'Dare presents...The Last Apothecary

Puppit + Digit

Polymathematics present Puppit + Digit

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