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1. Tell Me A Story - Smallhythe Place. KENT
3. Faversham Folk Club - May /June. KENT

From: saffron summerfield <saffron_at_motherearthmusic_dot_co_dot_uk>
Date: 8 May 2012 14:44:17 GMT+01:00
Subject: kent gig for Saffron Summerfield

The National Trust's Smallhythe Place near Tenterden Kent TN30 7NG



with singer-songwriter Saffron Summerfield

& songwriter/storyteller Ben Fairlight

WEDNESDAY 16 May at 7 pm


With Special guests Mim Backhouse, singer from South Africa and
George Stevens, Bouzouki player and Luthier

Saffron Summerfield
Digital Stories


From: "Jessica Jordan-Wrench" <jessicajordanwrench_at_hotmail_dot_com>
Date: May 8, 2012 17:49

Tom Thumb Theatre

Friday 11th May, 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Baba Yaga & The Virgin
Xanthe Gresham (?6/5)

Has your pilot light puttered? Your credit crunched? Never fear, help is
here to re-ignite the spark. On a road-trip through Mexico (via haunted
hotel rooms, day of the dead celebrations, visions and percuilar folklore)
two deities dangle like dice from the rear view mirror.

One is Baba Yaga - once a goddess of fire and fertility, now just a
witch in Russian folkology. With her iron teeth and cannibalistic
tendancies, she scuttlles through the forest in a hut balanced on a pair
of hairy chicken legs.

The other is The Virgin of Guadalupe - Latin America's iconic Mother,
who launches Mexican waves of tea towels, plastic bracelets and prayer
cards across the country. Famous and beloved she holds us all in the
folds of her mantle.

"Speaks like a woman spitting jewels" -Arts Council of England

"We were enraptured" -The Telegraph

For more information:
visit <>
call 01843 221 791
email info_at_tomthumbtheatre_dot_co_dot_uk <tickets_at_tomthumbtheatre_dot_co_dot_uk>
The Tom Thumb Theatre, Eastern Esplanade, Kent, Cliftonville, CT9 2LB




16 May       
Steve Ashley
teve's latest album, Time and Tide (Topic) is receiving widespread critical acclaim both here in the UK and in music magazines overseas. Recent articles in Rock 'n' Reel and Living Tradition, fROOTS and TAPLAS Magazine have all helped to promote the album and the list of good reviews continues to grow...
" ...[one] of the country's finest songwriters. Steve Ashley?s latest is a particular triumph, at once a modern-day masterpiece and a masterly throwback to his earlier glories and the English traditions with which it resonates. With a true understanding of human nature and how the processes of history and change affect the spirit of place, Steve?s songs represent an urgent clarion call to us to wake up before it?s too late." fRoots

23 May       
Happy Trails
Trevor, Ian and Al have been playing together in various Cajun, Zydeco, Country and Blues bands for in excess of twenty years.
Trevor, Ian and Al share a lifelong love of the diverse and inspiring musical forms emanating from the Southern States and during the last decade have had the pleasure of experiencing it "for real" during several vacations to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama.

6 June       
Mary Humpherys & Anahata       
Mary Humphreys and Anahata are established on the British folk scene as enthusiastic and entertaining performers of traditional material. With extensive research, skilled musicianship and a huge variety of instruments they have unearthed and brought back to vivid life some rare gems of English song and music.
They are continually busy at festivals and folk clubs, with concert performances, workshops and presentations, playing for dancers such as Pig Dyke Molly and collaborating with other artists from time to time.
They have made four albums of their music, the latest, "Cold Fen" released in March 2009.

Mary (who has her own web site) sings traditional songs, mostly in English and a few in her native Welsh, and plays banjo and concertina. Anahata accompanies with melodeons, concertina and cello, and they play instrumental arrangements, mostly of English traditional music.

20 June       
Kieth Pearson's Coup de Grass
Few artists can regale an audience with a tirade of hilarious, curmudgeonly banter, then bring them almost to tears with a self-penned song featuring the acoustic guitar, and then go on to amaze them with lightning-fast fusillades of spangling banjo-rolls. But one such is Keith Pearson, award-winning prolific writer of world-class songs, and one of Britain's best banjo players. Even as a solo performer Keith can hold an audience enthralled for an entire evening with his humour, voice, songs and virtuoso guitar playing and has achieved near-legendary status in Australia, where he has worked regularly during the last fifteen years or so, as front man of Treacle Line.
Keith Pearson first learnt his craft during the classic Folk renaissance of the mid-60s. Throughout the 70s, he toured, and performed on radio as a solo singer/songwriter, both abroad and on the Folk circuit, as well as fronting the original Treacle Line and the Right Hand Band. Choosing to stay with music, rather than Variety Entertainment, Keith resisted the temptation taken by some of his Folk contemporaries to abandon his instrument in order to become a stand-up comic or TV presenter.


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