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Subject: Pete Fyfe: Culbeag - The Red Fox review & sleeve

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CULBEAG - The Red Fox (No Label)


This seven track sampler CD (at least I'm assuming it's a sampler?) by father and sons trio Culbeag puts me in mind of a very early Tannahill Weavers. I'll be perfectly honest, I'm a great fan of the mighty Highland Pipes particularly when they're played this well and that is what drew me initially to the band. I'm not sure how old Lewis is but on the strength of this recording his performance of the "The Sleeping Tune" alone is powerful enough to demonstrate that we may well have a budding Alan McLeod or Fred Morrison in the making. With dad Iain at the helm providing solid song-writing and rhythm guitar and Finlay on percussion (unfortunately bringing back nightmarish memories of Stephen Smith & Father?winners of Opportunity Knocks in 1972) hopefully they'll avoid any clich?s and I'm sure will find a niche on the ?folk' festival circuit. I won't put any web details as I don't know which of the numerous ones they use as their main site. Bad news I'm afraid as one ?.com' site is far better than confusing everyone?and that's not just my opinion.