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Subject: Pete Fyfe: Alastair Savage CD review & sleeve

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ALASTAIR SAVAGE - Secrets From The Kitty (Woodland Records SAV 003CD)


The only problem I have with all instrumental albums is whether there will be enough going on to keep the listener's interest throughout the entire project. Unfortunately, as is the case here, I find everything on one level with no real dynamics to speak of. Once you've hit the road running (as is the case with the opening track "Winter Blue") featuring a relentless sawing of the strings where else do you have to go? That's not to say that the musicianship by Alistair Savage (fiddle), Euan Drysdale (guitar & piano) and Iain Crawford (double bass) is bad but to me at least, by painting yourself into a corner the rest of the album appears somewhat superfluous with no pastel shades to play around with. Perhaps fiddle players in general might be grinding their teeth saying I don't know what I'm on about but from the general publics' point of view (and yes, I count myself as one of those) any kind of expansion creatively speaking really should be employed to engage your prospective audience. Perhaps employing a full-blown keyboard player with some well placed textures may have helped or even subtle use of percussion to provide peaks and troughs but, as it is, everything sounds the same. If you've got the money to splash out and aren't particularly worried about your product shifting loads of units then a recording such as this will always have a market but if, on the other hand you need to at least recoup your costs I'd personally say keep your eye on the ?wider' issue and record an album that is more ?commercially' aware.