From: J.B.W.Webber

Sent: 07 November 2011 14:54

Subject: RE: Amendment to Kazzbar


Hi Rosie,

OK that is now done, program fixed, gig change uploaded.




the listings file now reads :



KBH   The Kazzbar | Hotel Imperial, | Hythe Seafront | <a href="">CT21 6A</a>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         




_at_ KBH                                                  

Y 2011                                                 

T 8:30 pm                                              

I Free Entry                                           


Y 2011                                                 

M September                                            


D 23                                                   

G Frances Knight | & Andee Price                       

C Jazz Standards | with A Feminine Touch               


D 30                                                   

G Kevin Richards | & Simon Lee                         

C Soulful Songs | from Around The World                


Y 2011                                                 

M October                                              


D 7                                                    

G Redeye                                               

C Old Time Country | Blues & Cajun                     


D 14                                                   

G Pete Abbott Sound                                    

C Jazz & Easy Listening                                


D 21                                                   

G Jack Pound & Chris Tophill                           

C Roots, Rock, |Folk & Country                         


D 28                                                    

G The Jones Boys                                       

C Euro Folk                                            


Y 2011                                                  

M November                                             


D 4                                                    

G Quidnunc                                             

C Folk/rock                                             


D 11                                                   

G John & Keith                                         

C Bit of Country, |Bit of Folk, |Bit of Rock & Roll     


D 18                                                   

G Alister Atkin |& Martin Elliott                      

C Americana

i note change                                 


Y 2011                                                 

M December                                             



Y 2012                                                 

M January                                              



Y 2012                                                 

M February                                             





From: rosie leitch [mailto:rosieleitch_at_hotmail_dot_com]
Sent: 07 November 2011 10:38
To: beau webber
Subject: Amendment to Kazzbar


Hi Beau,
Could i ask, if you have time, to please make an amendment to the Kazzbar listing.
The Mercurials have had to drop out on the 18th November and we have managed to get Alister Atkin & Martin Elliott to take their place.
The description now being Americana.
Be good to see you and Vivien there soon.
Love Rosie x