From: Carol Bryden [carolbryden12_at_btinternet_dot_com]
Sent: 25 June 2012 19:06
Subject: Crabble info

Hi Beau
I need to add you to my mailing list.....sorry. I know Sue Watson has contacted you in the past. We hold our Crabble evenings on the last Friday of every month apart from December when we bring it forward. Anyone is welcome to book a floor spot and you can use my email as a contact. It is a purely acoustic evening and we also have a top spot, what ever you want to call it which is usually one of our regulars or an invited (unpaid) performer who does a couple of spots finishing the evening with a 30 minute set. Next evening is ths Friday 29th June commencing at 8pm. We have a full list of performers but anyone can come to listen. There is a licensed bar and a raffle. We charge £2.50 entry for all and the money goes to the Crabble Corn Mill Charitable Trust.

I hope that is sufficient. I must do some advertising posters sometime.

Sorry I should have told you that Bottles are doing the finishing spot this month Carol