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Subject: Pete Fyfe: Tommy Fleming review & sleeve

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TOMMY FLEMING - The Platinum Collection (TF Productions TFPCD007)


The first time I heard Tommy Fleming sing was probably around 1996 when he was the latest recruit to the ranks of De Dannan. Of course the lads kicked up a storm (as they always have) but it was Fleming's operatic tones that truly astonished the audience. Unfortunately (to my shame) I did not catch up with him until recently having by chance caught sight of his website whilst doing some research. In the intervening years he has carved himself a reputation as one of Ireland's finest singers and deservedly so if this handsome 3 CD set is anything to go by. With twenty years of recordings under his belt he has a great wealth of songs to choose from and his own self selection shows he has no problem in exploiting commercially acceptable material such as "You Raise Me Up", "The Isle Of Innisfree" and "The Rose" alongside standard favourites including "Clare To Here", "The Leaving Of Liverpool" and even "Danny Boy". In this case it's not only the singer that holds the recording together as credit should also go to the duets and orchestral arranged numbers making for radio friendly use and at the same time providing wider appeal to anyone who enjoys good music pure and simple. With 40 tracks to choose from, Fleming's music will provide a great conversation piece for dinner parties where the words ?folk music' are more often than not talked about in hushed tones. On the other hand, if you feel you're an enthusiastic supporter of the left-field ?folk' genre why not make an investment of your time starting here?you'll be well rewarded!