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Subject: Pete Fyfe - Dylan Mondegreen review & sleeves


DYLAN MONDEGREEN - While I Walk You Home/The World Spins On (Division Records)


OK, so they may have been recorded in 2007 & 2009 but these albums (to me at least) are required listening. They both fall into the category of what some might sneeringly call ?Light Entertainment' but then again I'm one of those blokes who really enjoys this format. I remember in the late 60's early 70's attending the local student language club drinking my bottle of Cherry Wine and the delights of the end of evening smooch with any number of nubile young ladies?go on, I'm sure many of you reading this review remember them too. If indeed you are one of those seeking a break from the ravages of modern day exposure to hip-hop or rap (where the ?c' remains silent) then you've come to the right place. A real antidote with lush arrangements and gently welcoming vocals?I don't know why but an acoustic version of The Pe t Shop Boys springs to mind?then settle back and relax to the sounds of Borge Sildnes aka Dylan Mondegreen. If you're wondering why this fits the bill of a ?folk' recording it's because (personally) I feel it does with its use of acoustic instrumentation and I believe that this category in many ways is its spiritual ?home'. If you tune in to the likes of Steve Wright, Aled Jones or Alan Titchmarsh you'll know where I'm coming from?if you don't then I seriously believe you're missing out. I couldn't suggest a better way than checking out Dylan's website at and click on the audio track "Wishing Well" if you do, like me I feel you will be suitably impressed.