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Subject: Pete Fyfe: The Ukuleles review & sleeve



THE UKULELES - The Ukuleles (DMGTV047)


Logan Wilson & Martha Paton are The Ukuleles. Perhaps something in the title will give you a hint (and it isn't the word ?The') as to what instrument they utilise to convey they're good-time summer of love styled music. It's nice to see artists who aren't snobbish when it comes to thinking about the pounds in their pockets and by playing to the consumer in us all in my opinion they've judged their set pretty well. Even if like me you only know ?that song from the radio' and TV (referring to "Girl On The Platform") in the annoying advert at least the duo are ?current' in their choice of material. Other contenders from their "I've heard that before but don't know where" repertoire include covers of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" (and it certainly wasn't called that originally?google it!) a nd Adele's "Rolling In The Deep". Turned into a kind of Native American number this track has (like Adele's version) real soul with Paton certainly proving a fair old ?chanter' as my Northern mates might say. Light and breezy with the obligatory cover of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's interpretation of "Over The Rainbow" the duo will, along with the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain and (dare I mention the name) George Formby bring gravitas to the malnourished member of the guitar ?family'.