From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]

Sent: 19 September 2012 23:15



Good Evening All,


Just my usual reminder that we have Chris Lock and Ian Tupling "LocTup Together" with us next Thursday.  They are on tour as part of their celebration of singing together for 20 yuears.  They were with us in April 2010 and previously at "The White Hart" as well and on both occasions we had a really good evening with them. 


I have known Chris and Ian for at least ten years and I have seen them at several different festivals.  They are always entertaining, their singing is great, their harmonies are wonderful, the variety of their material is really good and they are lovely people.  They do traditional, maritime and self penned songs with a good bit of humour thrown in.


I, for one, am really looking forward to having them back at FATD.


At the moment I  have Gillian and me, Freddy Wilkins and either Tatterdemalion or Alistair on his own doing floor spots so there are two more spots available for volunteers.


I hope to see lots of you there next week and an indication of your attendance would be very helpful as I know we have a Faversham contingent coming down so I need to ensure that we have enough chairs available!


Best regards