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Hello Everyone

Firstly - if you want to skip all the news and gig chat - the programme is printed at the bottom of the page. But I hope our updates are of interest to you all.

David Hughes....
Thanks to those who responded to our call and came out to the Black Robin to see David Hughes. It really was another great night. I'll let Lorraine - who bought a late ticket and took a chance, and some others tell you...
"It is so worth venturing into the unknown and taking a punt on a new gig. This was so interesting, kept me hooked into the lyrics and the guitar playing. A great story teller full of ironic wit delivered with deadpan comedic genius. Thank you for a top quality night. Also great to have a venue where we can just listen and then mingle a bit at the break"
Lorraine Lucas

....and from Paul and Ron....
Just back from the Black Robin pub having seen another fabulous Folk in the Barn production. Tonight's gig was the fantastic David Hughes. Supremely enjoyable evening."
Paul Mitchell

"Well David Hughes was brilliant and wonderful. So glad we came along" Ron Woolven

....and from the man himself...
"Debs puts together a lovely event in the best surroundings and with a great audience at her command. A very enjoyable evening for me too." David Hughes

Not quite a full house, but a great atmosphere and very worth it. Thank you David Hughes.

Next up...

Gerry Colvin Band
Saturday 21st March, St George's Place, Canterbury

I can't believe it was 5 months since Gerry was here with his re-launched 80's duo 'Terry and Gerry'. It's gone so fast. It was a fantastic fun evening, and since that night - amazing things have been happening for them. Terry and Gerry have been booked to support Status Quo Acoustic on their Spring Tour, to play at Glastonbury and to Tour Japan in the Autumn. It's a fabulous story. However Terry and Gerry is only one tiny facet of Gerry Colvin's talent. With ColvinQuarmby and now his current band, he has a vast catalogue of simply the most brilliant songs you will ever hear. It's been a long time we've heard these songs at Folk in the Barn, selling out the Barn three times and the Whitstable Playhouse a couple more times after that. This coming Saturday - will see Gerry and his band returning to Canterbury, to The Lounge, St George's Place. CCCU's stylish new Student Union building.
Here's a snippet from a review of a recent concert at Newhampton Folk Club, to give you a better idea if you haven't discovered the Colvin magic yet....
"His chatter does get a little a surreal at times when he's talking about ducks and space shuttles and so do the songs with odd titles such as I'm Postponing My Rehab Until Tomorrow which was a parody of a country and western song for the modern times, then there is the lounge sound of The Ninth Song which is simply about a song which is ninth in a listing and which comes across like something from a West End musical.
At times Colvin, originally from Barrow in Furness, is pure theatre but he does get serious too but without getting heavy with songs such as The House of the Setting Sun which is about mental illness and how it's treated in society. With Dirt from his CQV album which is on the subject of charity shops he brings the sound of Richard Thompson's Vincent Black Lightning but has the sort of lyrics you would associate with Woody Guthrie.

Towards the end he got all romantic with One More Week and for his encore he came back with Dylan Thomas' Pen again from his latest album.
Colvin is an incredible showman, an impressive musician, a clever wordsmith and a great raconteur and if you could say just one thing about him, it's that you certainly get your money's worth."
Danny Farragher

As if that isn't more than enough to enthrall and entertain you all. Opening for Gerry will be a unique local duo - CJ and Max.

If you came to the Open Mikers in September you'd have seen one of the highlights of the evening...
CJ - and Max (Steve Allen) are in demand and have already been booked for a few festivals. I can see them being very busy with this amazing double act.
Quite simply - CJ is a wonderful Canterbury based singer/musician and Max is a green, furry dog with an attitude. Check here to see more - it's a bit hard to describe in words... Ultimately they're both great singers (Steve is in popular local band The Acoustic Architects) they will sing you some lovely songs - with a twist.
Once again I'm urging you to come along ....ticket sales for this are strangely low at the time of writing. We need about three times the number so far... Please come - I promise you won't regret it. Have you ever? This will be the funnest evening you've probably ever had.... and I don't say that lightly.

Gerry Colvin Band
Saturday 21st March 2015
The Lounge, St Georges Place, Canterbury (next to Chill and the Odeon) Very central, easy parking behind in Holmans Meadow or behind Waitrose in Longport. Full details on the website as usual

£13 online - wegottickets
£14 in advance - still time - from me, or Hobgoblin Music Shop in Canterbury, or post a cheque.
£15 on the Door
£5 for full time Students.

"Gerry Colvin is a writer of great substance who is able to give us something that has been largely missing in English Music for a long time. His subjects and characters are clearly defined and his songs create strong images and stories which can make us both laugh and cry in the same breath. This band is unique and unforgettable. The songs are brilliant. They should be a household name.?
Phil Beer, Show of Hands

?Wildly entertaining and off the wall in the best possible way. English eccentricity is alive and well?
Folk on the Moor

Luke Jackson Trio - EP Launch Concert
Saturday 2nd May 2015 - St George's Place, Canterbury
I've been waiting to let you all know about a special EP launch concert for the excellent Luke Jackson Trio, but we've had problems with the website over the weekend, which still aren't completely fixed. Bear with us, the info is posted in the Gig Diary, but the images aren't working. In the meantime - you can read all about it here... and check out some brand new videos which will give you an idea.. Booking links are now open too.

Here's a recent Luke Jackson review I found on t'net.

"....Impressed? Boy was I!
Luke Jackson, I will say this again, Luke Jackson, keep your eyes and ears to the on position, he is amazing, the most phenomenally impressive performance spewed forth from this guy standing solo with just him and his guitar in front of a fairly packed Ritz, I would have been shi**ing myself .him though, it was like he was made to be there.

As soon as he started I whipped my head round and paid attention, from his slightly gravelled voice to his acoustic guitar playing loveliness I was enraptured from the start. I dashed over to the side of the balcony expecting this wizened mature fella with a beard and a Stetson .how wrong was I? Chatting later I find out Luke is a young ?un at 20/21ish. Honestly, without watching him I cannot get the point across of just how much of an old professional he sounded, his music, his vocals, his voice, his playing, everything was just spot on. He interacted with the crowd like an old pro, ensnaring everyone from the opening chord to the last bar of every song he played.

What makes this even more impressive for me is the crowd he was dealing with; Marillion fans are talkers, always have been, always will be, yet not once did they want to drown him out, they hardly talked at all, when they did he volleyed back a well-received response showing just how professional he is and how well liked and respected by real music lovers. Added to this the fact that his time on stage flew by in a haze of talent and a fug of guitar rich playing, he took me and the Ritz by storm.

With a stage presence many performers would kill for, a guitar style that would make you think he is a 60 year old veteran and a rich, earthy, mature voice that will leave you astonished at his tender age, he really is one to look at for. Reminiscent of the Deep South, twangs of country and hits of Richard Thompson and Martin Simpson, I said to my companions for the night 'give it 40 Marlboro a day, 20 years and a litre of Jack Daniels and he will sound like Whiskey Myers.' For me it just doesn?t get much better." ManchesterRocks

Other bits and pieces....

Sandy Denny
A new biography of the late great and wonderful songwriter and singer Sandy Denny is due for publication on 5th March Title : I've Always Kept a Unicorn - The Biography of Sandy Denny Author : Mick Houghton Publisher : Faber and Faber 528 pages ISBN : 0571278906.

One of the book launch celebrations was an event in London last Monday, at The Slaughtered Lamb, organised by podcasters The Word.
Talking Sandy Denny With Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol And Mick Houghton. You can stream it here.....

Well worth listening to if you're a Sandy / Fairport fan or want to find out more about that era and the great lady herself. Ashley Hutchings and Simon Nicol are superb raconteurs.

Rest of the 2015 Spring - Summer Programme - so far!

Gerry Colvin (formerly ColvinQuarmby)
supported by CJ & Max
Saturday 21st March, The Lounge CCCU
£13 online, £14 in advance, £15 on the door £5 Students
O?Hooley & Tidow
Saturday 28th March, The Kingston Barn, nr Canterbury
£13 online, £14 in advance, £15 on the door
Nick Harper
Saturday 11th April, The Lounge, St George?s Place, Canterbury £12 online, £13 in advance, £14 on the door, £5 students

Cara Dillon
Sunday 19th April, Gulbenkian, Canterbury
£20 full price, £18 concessions

Phil Beer
Saturday 25th April , The Playhouse, Whitstable £14

The Luke Jackson Trio
Saturday 2nd May, The Caf?, St George?s Place, Canterbury £11 online, £12 offline, £13 on the door

The Demon Barbers XL
Saturday 9th May, Gulbenkian, Canterbury £16

Saturday 16th May, The Kingston Barn, nr Canterbury
£13 online, £14 in advance, £15 on the door
Fairport Convention Acoustic Spring Tour Sunday 24th May Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
£20 online, £22 offline in adv, £23 on the door
Simpson Cutting & Kerr
Sunday 7th June St Gregory?s Music Centre, CCCU
£16 online, £17.50 offline, £18 on the door, £10 students

All details on

Thanks for reading and supporting!
Don't forget the lesser known names need as much support as the established ones, more maybe. They are all fabulous artists and this relies totally on ticket sales grants or funding.

Hope to see you soon


Debs Earl
Folk in the Barn

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