From: Elena [ochelie59_at_mail_dot_ru]

Sent: 31 October 2016 17:24

Subject: For music managers, organizers of festivals and other interested persons...


 Dear musical friends!


My name is Elena and I would want to present Russian folk-dark group "Ochelie Soroki"   (Russia, Moscow).  Now we prepare our European summer music tour 2017.

We would be happy to have offers of concerts, concert-tours, participate in music festivals .... other

 We plan to go to Europe by our car.

We also can offer workshop by  production of ancient Russian instruments.

You can visit to our page:




OCHELIE SOROKI plays pagan dark folk, based on Russian old traditional songs as well as Norse mythology.

OCHELIE SOROKI participants share a common interest in the culture of the ancient peoples, which is an endless source of inspiration for the music group experiments. The musicians are revealing deep connections of different cultures through music as a universal language.

Musicians assign a special role to the atmosphere of their performances: the mesmerizing voice of Uliana Shulepina intertwined with the sound of many ethnic instruments, immersing the listener in a journey through time from our day to ancient ages.

The North. For musicians of OCHELIE SOROKI this word has its sacred meaning. The North, in their view, it is not so much a geographical concept, but rather a Spirit of the earth, a storehouse of ancient knowledge, magical space.

Since 2011, the group began performing numerous concerts and participating in festivals across Russia including "Ustuu-Huree", KAMWA,  Ages and Epochs, White Noise, Winter Storm, TAMGA,  Voinovo Pole,  Bilinny Bereg, Put k sebe, Ivan Kupala, Obereg, Kniazjia Bratchina,Sugorie, Kniadjestvo Tverskoe, Svoiasy, Theatrical performance for children based on of Russian traditional fairy tales "The legend about living water", Moscow in the rhythms of the peoples, "Connecting Times"(Chamber Hall of Moscow State Philharmonic) and many  different.

Within 4 years, the musicians worked on finding and creating authentic musical instruments and arrangements. Studied traditional Russian musical heritage, researched the ancient culture of the Baltic countries and peoples of the Siberian region. During this time they were collecting songs for their debut album "Northern Kingdom", which was recorded on Pro live recording? Studio and released in May 2015. The album received very good reviews and the band got many fans around the world. Currently OCHELIE SOROKI started to record their second album, which is scheduled for spring 2017.

Most authentic musical instruments that sound in the performances of the group were made in the workshop of OCHELIE SOROKI by luthier Pavel B. He is also the founder and musician of the group.  Pavel during the years organizes training courses on the history and manufacture of ancient folk musical instruments for everyone.


Uliana Shulepina - leader vocal, lyrics, bass bowed lyre, khomus, overtone flute

Pavel Boev - alto bowed lyre, citra, bouzouki, programming

Alex Bragin - davul, percussion


We would be glad to have different offers for participation in different music events!

We are waiting for your answer!

Best wishes!