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Folk in the Barn 2016


Our three Christmas shows, Cara Dillon, St Agnes Fountain and Tuesday's Albion Christmas were all completely different, but all entirely heart-warming and beautiful, and a perfect distraction from the nauseating commercial conveyor-belt of forced merriment crap that leads us ever more quickly towards that one day of the year that is supposed to be better than all the others. For me every gig day is like Christmas - the hours of preparation, the excitement of waiting for show time to arrive, then the first chords are struck, and the show builds, tales are shared and goosebumps abound at a particular harmonic progression or key-change. Then everyone leaves smiling and humming a tune, to-do lists forgotten for those few hours. It's endlessly inspiring. I read today that people that regularly go to gigs live happier lives. I'm not surprised, music is magic, it binds and bonds and stops us in our hectic tracks for long enough to take a breath, consider, absorb, appreciate and carry on again, but with a lilt in our step and memories to savour.


This year has been amazing. A record number of concerts, of tickets sold, and followers of FitB, both on here and on facebook. Thank you thank you thank you. There's more to come... you tell me not to stop, it seems we need it more than ever, a distraction from the craziness that seems to be the state of our world these days. A reassurance of all that is good about being human. It's a club, it's a community, a family. it's a place to re-fuel, learn, share, laugh, admire, belong. It's great, I love it, Big thanks and love to all the musicians, crew, and supporters for making it possible. It's a massive joint effort.


We wish you all a Christmas time filled with love and joy and peace - and of course harmony, and look forward to seeing you all in 2017. Merry Christmas x




Folk in the Barn will be back with 'Even Cosier' 2017


Mike Silver

Sunday 8th January, The Black Robin Inn,

Online ?12, Offline ?13, Door ?14


Rodney Branigan

Sunday 15th January, The Black Robin Inn,

Online ?12, Offline ?13, Door ?14


Fleetwood Cave

Sunday 22nd January, The Black Robin Inn,

Online ?12, Offline ?13, Door ?14



And Folk in the Barn in association with Gulbenkian Presents


                       Sarah Jarosz supported by Sam Brothers

Saturday 4th February,

Gulbenkian, Full ?17, Students ?10


Fairport Convention at 50

Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22 February,

 Gulbenkian, ?25


Turin Brakes

Friday 3rd March,

Gulbenkian, Full ?20, Students ?18


You can read much more and book tickets at the website




Debs Earl

Folk in the Barn


RIP our good friend and amazing bass player - Nick Quarmby (ColvinQuarmby, The Phil Beer Band)





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