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Subject: The November fRoots is out now - with 2 free albums!


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The November issue of fRoots, fR413, is being posted out from our printers today! Current UK subscribers should be receiving it soon (and can already access your free digital editions in the usual way) and it's in the shops Thursday next week, 19th October. Single copies are available now direct from our web site and digital editions for iOS or Android devices can be purchased via the free fRoots apps which you can get from Apple News Stand or Google Play.


Cover feature on the November issue is about Jon Boden, with a new solo album and tour following the end of . . . what was that band he was in? We've also got not one but two free compilation albums to download, plus: wonderful Albanian band Saz'iso (produced by the celebrated Joe Boyd), left-field North Eastern songwriter Richard Dawson, Womad founder Thomas Brooman, Irish trad supergroup Usher's Island, veteran Amazonian Dona Onete, up'n'coming young English folkperson Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Colombia's La Mambanegra, American roots noisesters 75 Dollar Bill, Haiti's Chouk Bwa Lib?te and UK-resident Haitian/American Germa Adan, socialist ensemble Commoners Choir, a spread on Portugal's FMM Sines festival, and Ian Lynch of Lankum answering the Rocket Launcher questions. All this plus another massive news section, more reviews, our regular columnists Tim Chipping and Elizabeth Kinder, BIFF and all the rest?


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You can buy individual back issues of fRoots magazine or you can get them free with a new subscription - 3 free issues with a year, 6 with two years. Lots also come with exclusive free compilation albums to download - and stocks of some are running low. Get them while you can!




and there are still some very identifiable bags in the shopping area!




We have a limited edition of some brilliant bags!

Two sided with both designs - FOLK NOT HATE and fR trad.arr


large natural canvas 12oz shopping bags
38 x 43 x 10 cm with long handles & gusset
?8.00 each inc UK p&p. Add ?1.35 overseas


Such good quality heavyweight canvas, they're probably underpriced!











The new Manchester Folk Festival starts next week, running from 19th - 22nd October, supported by fRoots. The events showcase around forty emerging, mid-range and headline artists: Tom Robinson, Afro Celt Sound System, Kathryn Tickell & David Almond, Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, False Lights, The Young'uns, John Smith, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, David Gibb, Jigdoll, Quiet Loner, Galleon Blast, Keston Cobblers Club, Nina Harries, Stick In The Wheel, The Nightjar, Alistair Anderson & Northlands, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Ninebarrow, Kings Of The South Seas, Young Waters, Jackie Oates, Jinnwoo, Horse & Bamboo's Theatre Ballads, Georgia Lewis, Jack Rutter, Edgelarks, Sound Of The Sirens, Irish Mythen, Vishten and The East Pointers, plus a preview and Q&A of the new Shirley Collins film The Ballad Of Shirley Collins. Venues include HOME, The Ritz, Gorilla, The Comedy Store Manchester, Manchester Town Hall and more.







We hope you're in the habit of listening to our monthly fRoots Radio podcast. It's usually around 75 minutes long including something from every one of our favourite new albums in the Page 5 Playlist chart, plus more delights from artists featured in the latest issue or chosen by presenter (and fRoots Ed.) Ian Anderson. If you like what we cover in fRoots, there's nowhere else on the wireless or web that you can guarantee to hear all this.

There's a new edition live at Podomatic and Mixcloud, and you can find all the playlists and links at  If you're a first-timer and like what you hear, you can find the last two year's worth archived too.





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