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Subject: London Fiddle Convention


Hi Beau

I hope all is well with you. The next London Fiddle Convention is on Sunday 25th Feb. I hope you don't mind, but I've put a few publicity cards in the post to you.

all the best



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Sounds Good Chris,

I will spread the word, I think we can get there this time.




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Subject: London Fiddle Convention


25 years!

Who would have thought when the first rag tag bunch of fiddlers stumbled onto the stage at the Weavers Arms in 1993 that the event would still be going 25 years later, and that it would have expanded and evolved into what it is today. On Feb 26th, 2017 we have our biggest and best concert programme yet, featuring;

Sam Proctor (Irish)

Nicolas Magriel (Sarangi/Indian)

Ben Somers String Band featuring Marius Pibarot (bluegrass)

Ben Pitt (Gadulka/Balkan

Jaya Hanley and Sarah James (Scottish)

Gundula Gruen (Balkan)

Pete Cooper (Old Time, Scottish)

Chris Haigh (Jazz)

-with accompaniment from Ben Somers (bass), Richard Bolton (guitar, cello) and Thommie (accordion).


We will have the usual packed workshop schedule in the afternoon including, for the first time, a workshop demonstration on amplification and effects from Richard at Sonic Violins.

Full details as usual are on the website at

The London Fiddle Convention; annual fiddlers get-together at Cecil Sharp House.


All the best

Chris Haigh

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