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One last thing, just a quick clarification about our conditions: we ask that your music is distributed, i.e. available on digital stores and music platforms.

If your music is not distributed - you can still upload a track if it's available on services like Soundcloud, Youtube or Bandcamp. In this case, use your track link on the platform as your 'Buy Link' on ClapCharts. Please make sure that your music does not infringe anyone else's rights.

If you plan to distribute your music soon and wish to do it throughTuneCore, we have a partnership with them and you can get 25% discount on your first year fee. More information in our FAQ.

I'm here if you have any questions. You will find more information about ClapCharts here :
Be sure to use this coupon to get the free upload: MCEY5C

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We've got your contact on facebook, quick email to let you know about a new music service for artists, ClapCharts, that might interest you if you've released music recently that you wish to promote. Here is how it works:

> You get feedback on your song and know more about your audience
Tracks you upload to ClapCharts are aired for 1 month in our app. The more our listeners enjoy your music, the higher it  rises in the playlists. During a track airtime, you will be able to see how it is doing in the app, your reviews, and the profile of listeners who engaged with it.

> You music is presented & you grow your fanbase
All along the first stage of app airtime, you can already reach a few thousand listeners.
Each month, the tracks that got the most attention are introduced to media & pros (Spotify & Apple Music playlist editors, blogs, radios, record labels, managers), giving you access to much larger audiences. We only play an intermediary role to connect you with these players, you keep all your rights.

We have launched recently, all feedbacks are welcome, and here is a coupon for a free track upload (it is valid 2 months):

You'll find more information and will be able to register directly 
on our website.

I'm available if you have any questions.

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