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Subject: Tonight's the Knight! Gigspanner at the Gulbenkian

Hello All
I bet you've been wondering where I've been! No? oh well, I'll tell you anyway, we just had a lovely and fairly dryish week in the Lake District, or the Cake District as it's better known round these parts. There was a bit of walking and fell worshipping involved as well, but on returning home to 50 million emails my laptop did the 'computer says no' thing and refused to carry on. So the past few days have been spent researching, purchasing and setting up a shiny new laptop and you - dear reader - are receiving the first Folk in the Barn emailout composed on new shiny laptop. It's made of gold silk apparently, can you tell? The best thing is doesn't take one and half minutes for a document to open...sigh! So with this message comes your late reminder that tonight at the Gulbenkian we have one of the most fantabulous musicians in the world,(let alone the folk world) coming, in the shape of Sir Peter Knight (well he should be) of that Steeleye Span Band for many years and now leader of his wondrous trio Gigspanner. Here's what he can do with a fiddle and bow and the mastery and magic he applies to them both..... and this is just a sound check!

They also do stuff like this...
If there was any sense and justice in the world at large, a gig like this would be sold out. If Jools Holland can sell out two nights at the Marlowe, and deservedly, for his band are excellent, but this music IMO is so much more inspirational and beautiful and yet once again we're only a third full and it's a crying shame. So do come if you can. If you haven't seen a show, you will be dumbstruck by what these guys do. Sir Terry Pratchett was a huge fan of Peter and said 'Peter Knight can spin the world on his bow'. This is their fourth visit to Folk in the Barn, but their first to the Gulbenkian.
Book here if you like or just turn up for doors at 7pm, there'll be plenty of choice of seats.

More about the band here...

Don't forget we have Albert Lee coming to the Gulbenkian on the 25th May and Fairport Convention on their Spring Tour at Sandwich on the 27th, or maybe you'd prefer to catch them opening the tour tomorrow night at the Union Chapel in Islington. Worth the trip just to see the stupendous venue...and the brilliant band of course :)

Bye for now


Debs Earl
Folk in the Barn

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