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...End of the 40th Anniversary Celebration tour...

...JJ New Walking Tour...Black Sheep & the TUC...GDPR...

Hi all


We ended our long 40th Celebration Tour with a rollicking night in Graz, Austria, on Saturday 12th May. The venue was the HQ of the local Communist Party, but they were only hiring it out for the night?with a large poster of Karl Marx wearing headphones.


So that was that, and it was a blast. Our warmest thanks to everyone who turned out to the shows! We got thoroughly emotional at various points.


On now to the future, and the next big round number?

photo by Volker Neumann

Book now for the ONLY Oysters3 show of 2018 in UK!

John, Ian and Alan will be at the Mechanics Institute, Manchester, on Tuesday 5th June   -   part of a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Trades Union Congress, in the stunning building where the trade union movement first came together to work as one.


If you have never seen an Oyster3 show, it's an evening of acoustic performance and stories from the band's history - back by popular demand!






Also in June:


Sat 9 June






Not to be confused with either the dance festival of the same name that happens on a beach in Croatia or the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon USA, this one, a.k.a. "Folk im Schlosshof", started as a small folk-rock event but has grown into a mightier and more diverse festival on 3 stages, this year featuring Band of Heathens and Levellers as well as Oysterband and many others.


We were once socially introduced by a bird-of-prey trainer there to his pet eagle owl - so big and heavy your arm sank when it stepped on to your fist, and so tame you could slip your hand under its wing and feel its heartbeat.  Possibly it was sizing us up for a late snack?but either way a remarkable encounter.


Oh and the beer is wonderful, but you might guess that anyway.

GDPR - a little daunting, but stick with it?:


If you live in Europe, including the UK of course, you may be aware of the arrival on May 24th of the General Data Protection Regulation. Every business, however small, is having to review the information it may hold about individuals and how it holds it, and make it accessible to the subjects. Broadly speaking this is a Very Good Idea and strengthens individuals' position in the digital world; so we're not complaining.


We thought we'd summarise for you what data Oysterband does and doesn't hold about people who either subscribe to this newsletter or buy things from our website.  Statements can also be found at in the mailing list and shop sections.


Newsletter emailing list:  


Our sign-up form on the Oysterband website has taken different forms down the years, but the only information we hold now is your name (or pseudonym, if you wish), the email address you give us, and the country you live in.  (The email address requires your verification, to avoid bots and children playing silly buggers.) We stopped keeping postal addresses there a while ago and have deleted them, but the country can be useful if we need to inform people at short notice that (for example) a show in a certain area has been added to a tour or cancelled.


The emailing list is kept both by YMLP, who do the actual sending for us and advertise themselves as GDPR-compliant, and by us.