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Subject: This Sunday Gypsy, Swing master from France Aurelien Bouly - Antonio Forcione - only 6 ?30 tickets left




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May/June Newsletter

Aurelien Bouly direct from France

Gypsy, guitar master - workshop and concert this Sunday 20th

We have full months of Guitar and Violin workshops, Balkan bands, Cuban Latin, Swing Jazz, and of course Gypsy Swing special events - please go to our music calendar on QuecumBar - for our full daily calender of live music


Tuesdays Jam session FREE Thur, Fri, Sat FREE for arrivals before 8pm -?6pp from 8pm


Our secret tropical garden is open for sundowners - Bellini - Aperol - Brandy & Babycham.

 Come and see our new 3D online walk through video

Tis the season of summer parties - book yours here and make the most of our garden day or eve.




Grab a bite to eat or just a bottle of Chablis etc chill to some great music and get in the summer mood!


Sunday 28th Oct ?30


-only 6 tickets left _at_ ?30


- then 10 left _at_ ?35




Buy now


Please note: If you have bought a ticket - your dining table is reserved - all tables are allocated on arrival - so arrive early for best tables - doors open at 6pm


A rare and unique chance for a close up intimate solo Prestige Performance Concert for you - with the fabulous


Antonio Forcione


celebrating 30 years of his musical success - come wine, dine and be amazed




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Only 16 tickets left when they are gone they are gone - we do not crowd our venue all table seating for your comfort and dining pleasure - an intimate concert by Antonio Forcione an artist in every sense of the word, hailed as one of the most charismatic, unconventional guitarists at large in the musical world today.



Being a small intimate venue allows the audience a close up, intimate concert experience from this superstar who has a host of international awards under his belt. 


This eclectic composer/player never ceases to stun his audience on stage, leading him to be referred to as the ?Jimie Hendrix of the acoustic guitar". His solo performances never fail to bring the house down.


He breaks the mould of most conventional guitar sounds, be it in the field of jazz, Spanish, African, Brazilian or improvised music, with a ferocious virtuosity, passion and humour. He has shared the stage and recorded with some of the world's most accomplished musicans including Charlie Haden, Angelique Kidjo, Trilok Gurtu, Larry Coryell, Diego el Cigala and many more (see list below) as well as supporting giants such as Phil Collins, Bobby McFerrin, Zucchero and Van Morrison amongst others.



Filippo Dall'Asta & Dom Durner Duo - Hot Vocal and Guitar

Arrivals before 8pm - FREE - ?6 per person from 8pm


Explosive Duo lead by Filippo Dall'Asta on guitar, and Dom Durner vocals. Filippo Dall'Asta is an Italian Guitarist based in London, with many years of experience live and in the studio, as a composer and arranger of Gypsy jazz Music. He studied guitar with Gypsy jazz guitar Master Lollo Meier and performs in his quarter during Lollo's Uk Tour.


Some of you will remember our New Years Eve bash with Dom and Gypsy Dynamite - they brought the house down


Dom Durner is an incredible Canadian Artist, who has travelled all over the world spreading his love for music amongst the masses.


Since settling in London a few years ago, he has worked with some Amazing artists and founded new fresh bands, such as The Manouche and The Flying Shoes. Filippo and Dom together are absolutely Amazing! Two passions mixed in a vortex of overwhelming sounds that you will remember!!


Direct from France

Gypsy, guitar master

Aur?lien Bouly

teacher, arranger, composer, performer of Latin Manouche, accoustic Gypsy Swing, Funk, Jazz and more - this weekend he will be playing Gypsy Swing accoustic style the Django way

Gypsy Swing guitar workshop




Aurelien Bouly has travelled the World as a musician playing his style of Swing Jazz Manouche. We are proud to have him here at Le QuecumBar because it will be another chance to learn from one of the WORLD'S FINEST Gypsy players.

All standards are welcome:

Solo and Rhythm guitar.

The workshop will start at 11am till 4pm lunch 1-2 and he will be teaching the technic of the authentic Gypsy Style.



Prestige performance 1 night only concert direct from France


?15 with violin



Gypsy Swing hot and steamy! What happens when you take a Parisian top Gypsy, guitarist, Aur?lien Bouly, add a rhythm player from Leicester, Tim Ellis, Violin Player Noreen Cullen better known as half of Stephane Graffiti, mixed with Mr double-bass Jonny Gee? A cocktail of musical passion and fire!


A wall of Gypsy Swing pumping rhythms, hot and sweet, add seductive clarinet overtones and stomping bass. The natural synergy and companionship, the joining of friends live on stage creating musical magic that will make your heart soar and warm your soul, they will hike the temperature withswinging, hot, steamy solos, genius improvisations and mind blowing rhythms whilst having fun doing what they love ...


Nostalgic swinging Gypsy roots and up to date musical flavours.

Line Up Aurelien Bouly - Lead Guitar

Tim Ellis - Rhythm Guitar

Noreen Cullen - Violin

Johnny Gee - Double Bass



Storming accordion and tenor vocal virtuoso - ROMAN VOLOSHCHUK

If you like to sing along - you can - he will lead you in all your favourite and popular world tunes and songs - charismatic and inclusive - he will get you in the party mood


Arrivals before 8pm - FREE - ?6 per person from 8pm


Magical accordion/vocals extraordinaire of Roman the roaming musical minstrel!


His unique and entertaining cabaret style makes him a one man full on showman Roman is a sensational artist who has played for the Duke and Duchess of Westminster, he graces our stage to entertain in his inimitable style and charm.


A unique musician with immense talent and charisma and gold star credentials, he is as infectious, as his performance and entertainment, cabaret style seduction, with world favourites, to tap your feet to, from classical to swing to mussette, he does it all, accompanied by his rich, rousing, enrapturing baritone vocals.


The impact of his enthusiasm and joy is infectious creating a night to remember! Roman studied for five years at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Kiev and Choirmaster and Orchestra Conductor of the National Choir and Orchestra of the Ukraine. He has given 450 concerts around the world and played 26 Accordion Concerts in France. He studied the accordion from the age of 7 years, is a trained classical musician, folk musician and singer with a beautiful baritone voice, he also teaches piano, accordion and singing.




Harp Bazaar combine the speed and energy of traditional Gypsy swing with the majestic and delicate sound of the harp.

Sun 27 May ?10


Welcome to the new world of Harp Bazaar, something you've never heard before!


Harp Bazaar was created by Tara Minton (harp&vocals), Duncan Menzies (fiddle) and Filippo Dall'Asta (guitar) late 2015.

They met as session musicians and embarked on a unique musical collaboration and musical experiment:

The band has performed at Le QuecumBar, London's most famous Gypsy jazz venue, held a year-long residency at one of  London's favourite music pub - The Boogaloo, toured Italy in July 2016 and performed at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2017?



The amazing:


The fabulous vocals and music of the EWAN BLEACH TRIO A trio with the big sound of a quintet!

Authentic vintage Swing, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues and other music from around the world plus great vocals happy toe tapping melodies - a dream




Ewan Bleach, Will Scott and John Kelly form a dynamic talented trio each of them doubling on several instruments to perform a melange of authentic vintage Swing, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues and other music from around the world along with a few originals thrown in. Three amazing multi-instrumentalist fill our stage with musical magic. Ewan Bleach Soprano, Alto and Bass Saxophones, Clarinet, Piano and Vocals, Will Scott Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone and Double Bass John Kelly Guitar Banjo and Trombone

Tables are allocate on arrival - Food is served until 10pm we reserve the right to charge ?25 minimum spend on our ticketed concerts



Violin Workshop with Max Bedouelle

from France




He wil be demonstrating and guiding on how to go from classical to swing jazz? A Violin player and teacher with great experience that he will be sharing. He has travelled around the world performing and teaching alongside the big artists of Gypsy Jazz such as Tcha Limberg, Tim Kliphuis, Sebastian Giniaux, Fiona Monb? and many others.

First steps and practical exercises - play on the 2 and 4 & use your bow differently: how to swing - adapt your scales and arpeggios (and many other possible exercices) - build a simple solo, and start to improvise

For jazz violinists who want to improve and vary their solos; How to vary your playing - ways to take ideas from others and integrate them into your own solo's (practical method in 4 steps) - introduce new notes and new rhythmic pattern : tips and advice - transform the stress of improvisation into inspiration

How to phrase and play on up tempos (advanced players) - timing, breathing, patterns - how to phrase : start ? and finish - play faster on many different tunes ? practical steps - bow articulation and fingers from the left hand



From France Special Event:






Straight come from France, Just for Swing is three brothers, three instruments (Guillaume on the double bass, joined by Valentin and Benjamin on the guitar), three personalities, but a unique sound ... a DNA ! Between gypsy jazz and latin melodies, since their childhood the band just keeps in mind one motto: three brothers, jazz ... and swing! Tonight, the talented french violin soloist Max Bedouelle is invited to join the sibling: punch, swing and friendship guaranteed on stage.

BIO As children, they start playing together, mostly rock and classical music. But soon, playing swing becomes obvious. Aged 25, 27 and 30, their trio sound is already ? 15 years old! The three brothers, self-educated and polyinstrumentalists, have made every efforts to turn their passions into a job. ? Self-made ? musicians, their talents make sens around the music, mixing, composition, graphic design and photography. They only have one motto: three brothers, jazz ... and swing ! Serious things started in 2010, and the Bertrand brothers do not stop... Since the release of their first album ? Primo ?, in March 2014, they traveled all over the west of France, with nearly 80 concerts each year.
Always there to surprise and amaze their audience, they are renewed today with the release of a second album: ? Charivari ?. It was another occasion to invite Max Bedouelle, as a violin soloist. Borned in the jam sessions of Nantes (West of France) their meeting was an evidence. The experience of the violinist and the brothers' freshness immediately matched ? eversince, they share as much stages as possible, but more than that, a true friendship was born. It helps ! At 37 years old, and after long classical studies and travels between electro music (Smooth, DJ Raymon Lazer) and gypsy jazz (Daniel Givone, Eva sur Seine?), Max Bedouelle already has a solid experience. He learned alongside Florin Niculescu, but also from Tim Kliphuis with whom he now teaches every year at the ? Grappelli-Django Camp ? in Amsterdam. Max Bedouelle records and plays regularly on stages all over the world : in France of course, but also in Europe (Liberchies in Belgium, in Holland every year) and in Asia (Bangkok festival & University) Confortable on various repertoires and styles, but mostly influenced by jazzmen like Oscar Peterson & Stan Getz, his playing gives priority to phrasing !

ACOUSTIC OR NOT ? / The 4tet will use his proper sound system, 2x BOSE L1S + 2 B2x Bass Modul with ToneMatch Mixer. They will play their acoustic instruments (2x ? Jean Barault ? guitars, 1x dblbass & 1x violin). The band is autonomous in sound, no engineer required.



Prestige performance concert of audience favourites always sold out

Hot and wild Balkan hand clapping foot tapping mayhem



?13 advance




Book early Balkan passion with sell out ?PAPRIKA'! This electrifying sextet - hailing from Serbia and Hungary - fuse together Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy and Classical music in a whirlwind performance of frenzied virtuosity." PAPRIKA have toured extensively throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan and have appeared at the Purcell Room, Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Glastonbury Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as WOMAD festivals in the UK, Spain and Abu Dhabi. *Paprika a usual sell out! Tickets on the door are not guaranteed!
Doors open at 6pm - food until 10pm ?15 cash on the door -Ticket _at_ Come wine dine and be moved and stirred by Paprika - who deliver wild passionate Balkan beats and rythms - this energetic musically talented and popular ensemble never fails its audience and has played world wide - they are back - they are hot they are PAPRIKA!


La Bouche Manouche feat. Irene Serra





La Bouche Manouche is a vintage jazz band influenced by the chic and sophisticated era of the jazz age and beyond. Featuring Irene Serra on vocals, their repertoire is rooted in the sound of gypsy jazz, with swing tunes from Django Reinhardt, as well as traditional gypsy swing tunes, charlestons, French chansons, bal musette and classic jazz standards from the Great American Song.


Nils Solberg's Swingtette

Nils, one of the country's most celebrated guitarists and the musical partner-in-crime to hot guitar supremo Gary Potter, brings his own brand of swing to Le QuecumBar along with sparkling gypsy jazz violinist Frank Biddulph, stringmeister bass player Pete Morgan, and vocalist Kate Daniels whose sultry style richly evokes the late night high-life of 1930's Paris.





Expect hot Parisian jazz and more: after years of playing worldwide with international stars such as Nigel Kennedy, Clare Teal and Bryan Ferry, Nils has drawn on his experiences to flavour his performance and repertoire with his own eclectic tastes, which include the wonderful vocal numbers of beat generation musician Slim Gaillard, as well as those of the incomparable Fats Waller and Nat King Cole.

SPECIAL EVENT something different:


first time at Le Q

With a wide repertoire which ranges from original themes, jazz and Brazilian standards to the whole Cuban folkloric traditional aways in an acoustic sound.





THE LATIN BRIDGE is a vocal and instrumental project created by the talented Cuban musician Sergio Marciano Pereda since the beginning of 2016. The combination of youth and experience of its members bring an extraordinarily diverse mix very difficult to match.?? All The Latin Bridge performances are one of a kind and of the highest caliber. ? For this special occasion they are presented in the format of a Cuban trio. Sergio Marciano Pereda, lead vocal & classical guitar Fernando Fermoso Depestre, percussion set & backing vocal Frank Portuondo Ortiz, tres (cuban folk guitar) & Backing vocal


Back - always by popular demand, great summer swing

Man Overboard Quintet

The Man Overboard Quintet add their own stamp to a repertoire of tunes made famous by the likes of Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt, the Mills Brothers, Duke Ellington and Fats Waller.






The chemistry between these superb musicians and their audience makes every performance a magical occasion. The Man Overboard Quintet were featured in BBC3's "Being Human" (5th series, 6th episode), and have appeared several times on BBC Radio 3's ?In Tune'. The Man Overboard Quintet recorded their first album in September 2012 at Champs Hill studios, releasing it in July 2013. Their second album, ?Down in the Deep Deep Blue', was also recorded at Champs Hill and was released in August 2015.

"I Really think this is what music must sound like in heaven!"

"The Man Overboard Quintet has a distinctive style, strong individual personalities and a collective ear for a great song - the end of year Best of List Beckons" - All About Jazz

A special night at Le QuecumBar is in store, with: Jean-Marie Fagon - Guitar Ewan Bleach - Clarinet Dave O' Brien - Double bass The enchanting and superb voice of Louisa Jones And Special Guest...Peter Rudeforth - Trumpet.

Unmissable concert, and they usually sell out, so please make sure to buy your tickets in advance.





MOODSWING are an established Jazz Swing Quartet playing a mix of Gypsy Jazz numbers, Latin and well known tunes from The American Songbook. MOODSWING will take you on a delightful journey and bring a variety of musical colour, ? Mood & Swing ?, enhanced by multi instrumentalist Chris Evans on Guitar, Mandolin, Flute and Violin, Ann Mayor Violin, Peter Mayor Guitar, and Mike Bennett on Double Bass. Ann Peter Chris and Mike look forward to your return visit to Le QuecumBar.

All tickets at doors open at 6PM, Food until 10PM, ?10 OTD



July heat - with Gypsy Balkan

Musical Mayhem

Special Event with


another 1st for Le Q

Listeners can look forward to songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and the Roma culture with a growing number of original compositions and arrangements incorporating jazz, rock and prog influences.







"A powerfull brew of contemporary Balkan gypsy brilliance which will have you dance so hard, you'll probably end the evening slammed in a corner wondering what just happened to you..." - BBC Radio 3 -


This fiery travelling party that goes by the name of Op Sa! is big, bold and brass-heavy. Bringing their own passionate brand of Gypsy Balkan music, Op Sa! is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair and modern sound.


They've supported top bands such as Serbian band KAL, worked alongside producers Gypsy Hill and performed at prestigious venues such as the Royal Festival Hall alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2017 they were featured on BBC Proms, BBC Radio 3, and their most recent two projects involved collaborating with young Romani rapper MC Azza to produce a charity single aimed at helping refugees, as well as inviting the Macedonian master trumpeter King Naat Veliov of Kocani Orkestar to a collaborative performance in London.



The band's sets are orchestrally varied and dynamic, and ooze passion for what they do.

The original band teams up a trumpet section with clarinet, sax, trombones, tuba, electric guitars, and drum kit, giving a contemporary twist to deep-rooted cultural influences and create an unmistakeably rich sound. Lately they've been featuring their small band comprised of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, trumpet and tuba and playing some more mellow selections. You will be mesmerised, compelled to dance and unable to drag yourself away from this lively gypsy party.


Happy Holidays to all - next newsletter July - please share our great events - see you soon Sylvia and the crew


We are closed for the Django Festival week from Wednesday 4 July to Wednesday 11 July inc











Love live music - Sylvia Rushbrooke and Le Q staff

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