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Subject: Roots Music in the Wilds of Kent


As a follow up, please note that I overlooked the fact that the Brenchley sessions are now into their Summer recess, and therefore there will not be a gathering there as I mentioned in the earlier missive. 


Please also note the message from Alan Castle below about the recently revamped, all colour, all singing, all dancing Around Kent Folk magazine, which is now published and circulated every two months.


Can you remind singers and musicians and audience to pick up their copies of Around Kent Folk and remind organisers that they might like to advertise their sessions in it.  Rates start at only ?15.00 per issue. If any of the sessions do not get a batch for distribution we are happy to send them some if they let us have an address to mail out to or drop them in to.


See website at


Alan Castle BEM

Tenterden Folk Festival and Around Kent Folk