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Please consider subscribing to The Medicine Show at Patreon! and/or sharing and encouraging your friends fans and family to get involved too.

If every one who ever got a gig from being part of this community subscribed imagine what we could do together.

If you do, for as little as $2 a month you would be supporting The House Concert Hub , our Roots Music pod/broadcasters and reviewers Community at Flyinshoes Review  and helping to keep the wheels of The Medicine Show On The Road on both sides of the Atlantic to helping our members (you!!) tour across 2 continents. 

Join The Medicine Show and help me on my quest to help the independently minded musicians we love, foster new House Concerts for them, connect community venues to make touring more feasible and help publicise community festivals we all need and love.

Do it now help me make a difference. 

Rob Ellen

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