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Subject: 'Irish Night at Cadogan Hall' next Tues 12 June - fundraiser for IMDL/ 20th RtCT Fest


Cadogan Hall gig

?Irish Night at Cadogan Hall'

Featuring the premiere performance in Britain of:

?Dave Flynn's Irish Memory Orchestra' 

and The Fair Pl? set, featuring 40 great female traditional Irish musicians and singers based in London

also, acoustic music in the foyer/ bar from 6.30pm (feat. Mick O'Connor, Tom O'Connell, Paul Gallagher, James (fiddle) Carty and more...)


Tuesday 12th June, 7.30pm

Tickets NOW on sale at  ?20

Special rate tickets (just ?10) for our friends of IMDL when

you use the following promotional code online: FriendofIMDL

Dave Flynn's Irish Memory Orchestra (formerly the Clare Memory Orchestra) is the first and only

orchestra in the Western World to play exclusively from memory, crossing traditional boundaries

between orchestras and audiences.


Visionary founder Dave Flynn has enlisted 20 of Ireland's leading traditional, classical and jazz

musicians to perform his critically acclaimed music.

Achievements include sold out performances at Moscow Catholic Cathedral and South Korea's Sori

International Festival; an Allianz Business to Arts Award for the ESB ?Concert in a Cavern'; and a

collaboration with Martin Hayes and the RT? Concert Orchestra at Ireland's National Concert Hall.

This thrilling, uniquely Irish phenomenon has brought audiences to their feet at every concert they

have played. This evening will be the debut performance in Britain of the Orchestra and will feature

music from Dave Flynn's ?Clare Concerto'.


The Irish Times said of them: ?Audiences seeing the Clare Memory Orchestra for the first time may be

astounded at the informality and communication between the musicians. Feet tapping, vibrato is

nowhere to be heard and the absence of sheet music means musicians connect with one another on

the fly. Then there's the appearance of Irish instruments such as the pipes, concertina, whistle and

bodhr?n, alongside the oboe and silver flute'.


This ?Irish Night at Cadogan Hall' is presented by IMDL (Irish Music and Dance in London) who have

been promoting traditional Irish Arts in London for two decades. This evening's concert will open

with a short collaborative performance featuring a large number of the finest traditional Irish

musicians and singers on the London Irish music scene. The night also serves as a fundraiser towards

IMDL staging their internationally renowned seven day Festival - Return to Camden Town - now in

its 20th year and due to take place from 23 - 29 October 2018.

For more information see:

Tickets: ?20 (?10 for friends of IMDL with online promotional code)

This event is supported by Culture Ireland GB18 and the Emigrant Support Programme