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Subject: Will you please sign a pro-Manston Airport letter to PINS ?


Will you please sign a pro-Manston Airport letter to PINS ?

- This is a letter to PINS to ask them to move forward so you can give your views to them on Manston Airport. 

Pro-Airport Supporters, we need your signatures !!

As you will have seen from the recent minutes on the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) site, of their last meeting with RiverOak, PINS are including in the current Acceptance discussions matters that properly belong in the DCO Stages 3, the Pre-examination stage and 4, the Examination stage. 

Now the Pre-examination and Examination stages are where you can all express your views to PINS, as to if you want Manston for Aviation, and why - please see the pinned post a the top of the SMAa page. So PINS adding Examinations matter at this stage is effectively stopping you from having your say - the antis do not worry about such niceties (but everything they say now may be discounted).

So we are asking you to please add your signature to this letter :

I wish my name to be added to the below letter to PINS :

Dear Planning Inspectorate,
You have requested that the Save Manston Airport association (SMAa) members send multi-signature letters rather than lots of separate ones. We have generally respected the ruling that Pre-application Stage 1 is not the correct time to write to PINS but this may now be working to our disadvantage because it is clear that it is being ignored by several vociferous opponents of Manston as an Airport - we have been waiting in anticipation of Stages 3 and 4  for a long time.

Notwithstanding the above we now feel we should object most strongly to the apparent inclusion of items into the Acceptance stage (as discussed in the minutes of the recent meeting with RSP, on the PINS web site) that properly belong in the Examination stage.

SMAa just wish to remind PINS that we are here and urgently waiting for the DCO to move to the
Pre-examination and Examination stages, these being the correct times for us to express our views to you. This delay is effectively preventing our members and other pro-aviation people, from expressing their viewpoints; viewpoints that will certainly be presented at the Pre-examination and Examination stages.

There is presently a live SHP planning application (OL/TH/18/0660) on the Thanet District Council  web-site regarding a major housing development on the Manston Airport site; on reading the representations the vast majority are Objections and are pro-airport. The latest figures at close of play Tuesday 6th June 2018 stands at: Grand total percentages: Supports Housing: 20.46%; Objections: 78.01%; Neutral:1.53%.

So SMAa would claim an effective level of support for the airport and for the DCO process from local residents and businesses to keep Manston for aviation; this stands at least at 78%, well in line with the results of the two previous SHP planning applications to TDC, and many other polls, elections, petitions, etc.

The population of Thanet and East Kent are waiting for these jobs, and they are getting concerned at the continual delays, they wish to express their views !

[SMAa Committee, on behalf of over 3,500 members, including the following signatures, collected specifically for this letter, over the last X days.]

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