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Subject: Brooks Williams - 'Lucky Star', new album tour dates


BROOKS WILLIAMS - Solo dates just released for Nov/Dec 2018, new album 'LUCKY STAR' (out July 2018) Over a groove that would make the late Allen Tous


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BROOKS WILLIAMS - Solo dates just released for Nov/Dec 2018, new album 'LUCKY STAR' (out July 2018)


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Brooks Williams


Over a groove that would make the late Allen Toussaint proud, Brooks Williams sings, "I'm going to New Orleans to catch the lucky star that fell." It's a lyric from a Walter Hyatt song and gives Williams the title for his 28th album.

Lucky Star features Williams' roots driven compositions alongside songs by the aforementioned Texas legend Hyatt, a woman known as the "Empress of the Blues" and another from the original soul sister, known as "the Godmother of rock and roll." 'After You've Gone' first entered America's pop consciousness via dozens ? if not hundreds ? of artists ranging from Fats Waller to Frank Sinatra to Fiona Apple. But it was Bessie Smith's 1928 recording that lodged itself into Williams' head like an ear-worm. "It's the only version I know," he says, "and the way she flips the heartache in the chorus from ?I'm sad now, but you'll be more sad later,' is a lyric twist worth its weight in gold."

Williams' reading of Sister Rosetta Tharpe's 'Rock Me' is a romp built around a repeating guitar riff, much like Tharpe herself would play. Sister Rosetta is a certifiable guitar star and a recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And she's also one of Williams' guitar heroes. "She did it like no one else with her Aretha-like vocals and Chuck Berry-like guitar riffs. She well and truly rocked my world."

Lucky Star took only three days to record. There's an exciting immediacy to the sound. "I love those old Sun and Stax records," says Williams, "and that's the vibe I was aiming for in the studio. No isolation booths, no overdubs, no headphones, just musicians playing songs together in a way that used to be pretty common, but isn't anymore. It makes for exciting music."



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Brooks Williams


With 28 albums under his belt, Williams' streak seems to be continuing nicely. So what motivates him to keep rolling the musical dice? "I'm looking for that song that lives long after I dance off this mortal coil. I assume every songwriter feels this way, that just maybe one of our songs or one of our arrangements will exceed the sum of the parts and achieve a universal vibe. I don't know - or may never know - if this has happened or will happen, but it is a driving force." That's a gamble worth taking, or a journey worth making, especially when guided by the light of a lucky star.

He's due to release his new solo album in July and live solo dates will follow in November/December 2018.


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Don't take our word for it, here's what some other folks have got to say:

"He's a lovely player, a lovely singer, and a great writer. The real thing." - Martin Simpson

"Absolutely beyond criticism!" - fRoots

"Best Male Vocalist Nominee!" - Spiral Earth Awards 2014

"A fret monster who has to be seen to be believed!" - San Antonio Light

"One of America's musical treasures." - Dirty Linen

"How soulful a solo guitarist can be when he has talent, taste and astonishing technique." - Blues Revue

"Americana at its finest!" - fRoots

"We called him back for three encores!" - Blues In Britain

"?classy, tasteful, bright, and hugely enjoyable!" - Blues Matters


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Brooks Williams



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