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The Urban Folk Quartet


Hello - Kali spera - Yassou from back home in Blighty

Did you realise the last emailout came to you from a Bougainvillia bedecked balcony overlooking the Aegean, on the beautiful Greek island of Skopelos. Even on me hols there are FitB deadlines to keep. Despite best intentions though and trying to keep half an eye on things, it seems I've been slacking because here we are with one of the most 'exciting, talented, insert additional superlatives of choice here' bands coming tomorrow to the Gulbenkian and I'm told just 50 tickets have been sold - double gulp!  You know what you have to do don't you lovely peeps.  I've just had to confess the figure to Joe Broughton and I felt very embarassed and a lot like doubling it and hoping for the best!  What I don't understand is that last time they came in 2012 they sold out the Barn pretty easily, and everyone raved about them, and since then the awesome Dan Walsh - Banjo etc etc supremo has been enlisted, making them even more brillianter than before. 


So here we are with what has become known as the Debs' nag/plea/beg/ask nicely email in the hope that we can improve the situation considerably before 7.30pm tomorrow evening.  I've told Joe how well it has been known to work, so please don't let me down....  


I heard a sad thing recently. A wonderful band, good friends of ours had a local gig pulled just two weeks before the date because advance sales were so poor, the promoter couldn't risk going ahead and potentially losing a lot of money.  I know it's hard to commit sometimes as there can be lots of demands on money, but it really does help to avoid that sort of thing happening if it's possible to book early on.  I know many of you do and it's great to see the rest of the programme selling well, all of us - promoter, agents, artists and venues are hugely grateful for that. 



Other gig news...


Only 30 tickets left for Blair Dunlop on the 1st July in the Kingston Barn supported by Tom and Dulcima from Coco & the Butterfields. 


Surprisingly few (36) sold so far for beautiful Heidi Talbot along with John McCusker and Innes White on guitar at St Gregorys, CCCU on 14th July. Heidi and John are a heavenly combination.  If you're a fan of crystal voiced artists such as Cara Dillon and Julie Fowlis then Heidi will be right up your misty heather clad mountainside. Here's a brief review from a recent date on this tour at The Live Room, W Yorkshire.


"What a sublime evening of music we were treated to on Friday from Heidi Talbot and John McCusker, accompanied by Innes White and special guest, Adam Holmes.


Yet another sell out crowd were there to hear superb vocals and musicianship from the quartet on the very first date of a 25 stop tour, promoting Heidi and John's new EP, ?Love Is A Bridge Between Two Hearts'. Huge thanks to them and to everyone who came along and made it another brilliant night."  


It's going to be a beautiful concert, there's no doubt about that. Have a look at some clips of Heidi & co on the website gig page HERE



A reminder of the rest of the Summer dates.  



Urban Folk Quartet

Friday 22nd June - Gulbenkian, Canterbury Full Price ?15.50, 12-25yrs ?8


Blair Dunlop - supported by Tom (Coco) and Dulcima from Coco & the Butterfields

Sunday 1st July - Kingston Barn, Online ?14, Offline ?15, Door ?16, 12-25yrs ?7


Heidi Talbot & John McCusker

Saturday 14th July - St Gregory's Centre for Music, CCCU, Online ?16, Offline ?17, Door ?18, 12-25yrs ?6


Arcelia - Folk in the Barn, Summer Garden Party

Sunday 15th July - Edge of Beyond, Barham, Voluntary Contribution on the day ?15, Under 18s ?8


Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle

Saturday 18th August - Gulbenkian, Full Price ?16.50, 12-25yrs ?8


We have shiny new flyers just arrived for the Autumn Winter programme.  They'll be available at the Gulbenkian tomorrow.  As ever please keep spreading the word. It's lovely when people come up to me (which happens regularly) and say 'we're so happy to have found you, we love this music and had no idea you existed'  But I think of all the amazing gigs that they've missed over the years. Better late than never though eh!  Also the more of you there are the less often I'll have to 'nag/beg/plead/ask nicely'   Smile


It's good to be back, can't wait to see Joe, Paloma, Tom and Dan - the UFQ at the Gulbenkian tomorrow, hope to see (lots and lots of) you too.



Debs x
































Debs Earl

Folk in the Barn 

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