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Sarah Webster Fabio's iconic Jujus/Alchemy of the Blues, now on vinyl


Available exclusively through Vinyl Me, Please

We are thrilled to be partnering with Vinyl Me, Please to reissue Sarah Webster Fabio's seminal 1976 album Jujus/Alchemy of the Blues for their Classics Series. This gorgeous 180g LP was remastered from original tapes by our GRAMMY-winning engineer Pete Reiniger, and comes with liner notes and a special essay by Sarah's daughter Cheryl Fabio.

The album features Fabio reciting her poems accompanied by her house band and children. She described it as "the epitome of my experimenting with the integration of music and poetry in a Black idiom taken from the rich source of inspiration welling from the Black experience here in America."

Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club that ships hand-picked LPs directly to your door. You can join with this record to receive it immediately, or read more about Sarah Webster Fabio via Vinyl Me, Please.





Listen to Kaia Kater's single "New Colossus"


'Grenades' is out October 26th


Have you heard about our new artist Kaia Kater? Get introduced by hearing her new single "New Colossus," which comes from her forthcoming Smithsonian Folkways debut Grenades, out October 26th.

Listen to "New Colossus," follow all things Kaia Kater, and see her on tour!




Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series Begins...



The first round of our vinyl reissue series is on! We've hand picked three classic albums from our unrivaled collection and put them back on wax. You can read glowing reviews in The Vinyl District and The Houston Chronicle, and don't miss Amanda Petrusich's special profile on Joseph Spence in The New Yorker.

1. Struggle - Woody Guthrie (1976)

2. Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Hopkins (1959)

3. Bahaman Folk Guitar - Joseph Spence (1959)

We've meticulously redesigned these classic albums from original prints, photos and materials and remastered the audio from original LP master tapes.  Each record sports Folkways' classic tip-on style jacket and features the liner notes booklet included in the initial release. Order all three and we'll throw in a bonus Folkways slipmat so you can spin in style!



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