From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]

Sent: 05 September 2018 02:16



Good Morning All,

The usual reminder of our guests tomorrow, however this will be a slightly different format than usual as we plan for "Morrigan" to introduce some part singing with some of the songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams: , in a couple of Workshop Songs in the first half.  They did a whole workshop on this at last year's Tenterden Festival.

Fear not, there will be at least as much chorus singing as you are used to, maybe more!  All timings remain the same with a 2000 sharp start; to add even more to the variety of the evening "Morrigan" are bringing their instruments as well this time!  I am confident that this will be an evening of varied Folk Music  including: a cappella, accompanied and workshop.  Of one thing you can be sure with these very experienced and highly capable singers and musicians and that is that it will be superbly executed!

I hope to see plenty of you there for our fist Autumn Guest Night!

Best regards