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Hi Guys

I hope you all had a lovely Summer, and like us are looking forward to the start of the new season, cooler temperatures, muddy walks and some beautiful music to look forward to.  I hope you've all got your tickets for our opening concert tomorrow night with two local stars - Will Varley supported by Sam Brothers, it's going to be brilliant.   Read more about both talented fellas HERE .  Will's October concert at the Astor Theatre in Deal has sold out so here's a chance to see him if you're yet to. We still have some good seats available.



Thank you so much to all of you who took part in the Folk in the Barn survey.  If you are interested and you've done all the ironing, you can see the results HERE


If you'd still like to participate, the more feedback the better, the link is HERE


There were some lovely comments and very helpful suggestions, although ?more strippers' might be pushing it a bit!  


The most requested artists were Fairport Convention (was that you Simon?) but that box is already well and truly ticked.  We know their fans love to see them every year - apart from the one person who said less Fairport please - oops.  Among the other requests - Richard Thompson we came very close to booking, he even suggested a date, but it was overruled by his management who it seems prefer him to play a larger local venue.  Karine Polwart last played for us in 2006 and I've been trying ever since to bring her back and will continue to try because I think she's amazing.


Merry Hell got a few votes and I've read elsewhere how popular they are so have taken note, thank you, and the other name that had multiple votes was Richard Shindell, who we got very close to booking last time he came over, but changes to his plans, out of our control meant it failed to happen, we will try again, I'm a big fan. 


Out of all the other suggestions, ten have already played for us (Ralph McTell, Martin Carthy etc), some of them very recently (Steeleye, Sam Kelly) and many others are on our wish list or their return has already been discussed - eg Police Dog Hogan. So many factors are at play in bookings working out - or not!  I was offered the chance to book Beth Nielsen Chapman earlier this year, but the only date she could do was already confirmed to Moya Brennan. It's the way it goes sometimes. 


It seems overall that you are happy with the way things are, which is very encouraging.  To the person who suggested re-naming ourselves Folk in the Gulbenkian, I do agree that we seem to be there more than the Barn these days, but it's taken 15 years to build that brand name and as we still like to use other local venues and will continue to do so, then it seems unlikely we'll change it.  It look's like we'll be back at the Tower Theatre in Folkestone next year so keep an eye out for more info about that. 


There were quite a few requests to bring FitB further into the west of the county.  I realise many of you travel good distances to attend and am always grateful you do.  I'm sure those of you from that direction must be aware of the fab concert series at The Bower House in Maidstone, if not then check them out.  Dartford Folk Club always have a great programme too.  Even further west there is Keith Stockman promoting concerts at St Ediths Folk Club in Kemsing, and those on the border with East Sussex have got the excellent Spyboy Promotions in Hastings and Hailsham.  I'm sure there must be others too, so I think it's probably something we won't be considering as we wouldn't want to tread on anyone's toes.  You'll just have to move nearer to Canterbury, it's been done before!  I'd like to welcome newest East Kent resident Del, formally Folk in the Barn 'Catford Branch' who has retired down this way, lured by the sea air, beautiful scenery, friendly natives and maybe some good music. 


Good to see a few of you are listening to Folk in the Barn radio with Keith and Ann on a Tuesday night.  I think they're a great double act, do give them your support if you can, it's a great way to hear the music that we all enjoy - and more!   LISTEN AGAIN HERE   Huge apologies to Mike Harding for leaving his podcast off the list, I'm glad to see he's still well supported and rightly so. 


One of the most encouraging things to learn was that 20% of you first discovered FitB by being dragged along by friends, or Dad in one instance!  It just goes to show that you can put up a thousand posters (one person hadn't seen any of them sad)  and spend a fortune on advertising, but the best way for something good to grow is for everyone involved to help out with that and generously share the news with others, and for that I thank you whole-heartedly.  Please keep it up.


Don't forget our other two brilliant September concerts at the Gulbenkian - Daphne's Flight on the 15th and Celestial Fire on the 30th, both will be very special indeed.


Thanks for reading, see you soon.







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