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KentFolk News

March 2020

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Well these are strange times we are in.
Yes many of us are now confined or self-isolating at home.
But for musicians, nearly all self-employed, in the Folk genres, these are dire times.
They are doing their best to still get the live or nearly live music to you, their listeners - streaming has been around a while, but is being increasingly used. Patreon seems to be a key resource for musicians in this worrying time. Kentish (now international) musician Jennifer Maidman has just created a Patreon page, and others are doing the same :
Please do support them if you want the music to keep coming ...

I am sorry KentFolk has been quiet for nearly the last 2 years, see below ...
I used to copy multiple news items onto the KentFolk web page a few times a day, but that may not re-start.
Hot news is currently going onto the KentFolk Facebook page :

I have fixed a number of broken links in the Gig-Report section of KentFolk, to give you photos and videos to look at if you are house-bound. More still to be fixed as time permits.

My research is going very well, and is keeping me very busy, but I am determined to make some time for KentFolk, to try and support the musicians.

I am also still very involved with trying to get Manston Airport back up and running for aviation, see :,

Lots of recent good pieces of news :
1) A national planning inspector declared Manston was for aviation only;
2) Thanet District Councillors have overwhelmingly voted not to put houses on Manston Airport.
3) The national examiner for the Thanet Local Plan has determined that Manston is only for Aviation.
4) RiverOak have purchased the airport for £16.5million, for Aviation only

RiverOak have applied to the National Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to declare Manston Airport as a Nationally Significant Airport. They accepted the application fo examination, the examination is now concluded, and their report is with the Sexcretary of State.

RiverOak hope to spend some hundreds of millions pounds of their own money to invest in Kent to re-open it for both cargo and passengers. There should be thousands of new jobs, and they are putting training and education in place to help local people apply for these jobs.

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