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KentFolk now has recorded numerous live Kentish gigs - a number are in whole or in part on this web page, some exist as CDs, and some as downloadable Digital Albums. Many of the MP3 tracks are freely downloadable.

KentFolk has "buy" buttons for Kentish musicians' CDs, on the MP3 music section - listen before you buy. I have also recently gained the technology to sell MP3 tracks direct from KentFolk. In addition I am now working with eFolkMusic in the USA to bring you Kentish musicians' tracks and Digital Albums.

Musicians - please contact me regarding selling your CDs on KentFolk, though I am currently well behind in placing these and MP3 tracks on this web page.

KentFolk Music web page

CDs & MP3 music from visitors to Kent :

Flook photos and MP3 music - "Flatfish".

Kadril's double CD - "All the Best".

MP3 music from Kentish musician's CDs :

Cajunologie MP3 music - "stompin", "Cajin' on the edge".

Camine photos and MP3 music - "Kite".

Original Fling MP3 music - "Original Fling".

Jack Pound photos & MP3 music - "low profile".

Luke Smith MP3 music - "It's not wrong, it's just different".

Ian Cutler MP3 music - "Slaughterhouse".

Morvern Shores MP3 music - "Past the Point of Rescue".

Tim Edey music - "Daybreak".

Cajunologie's new CD - "Touiller".

MP3 music from Kentish Gigs :

George MP3 music - George Celtic Session, Stone St., 2000 and 10th September 2003.

Monkey Puzzle MP3 gig music and photos - Monkey Puzzle gig in the Ship Centurian, Whitstable, 22nd June, 2000.

more George MP3 music - George Session, Stone St., 27th December, 2000.

Eight snippets of music - The George Inn, Stone St., Kent, UK Celtic Festival May 2001. A KentFolk gig.

Edey meets Gazey - Tim Edey met Peter Gazey for a jam session, in Hobson's Bar, Whitstable, September 4th, 2001.

Three songs - RJ3 (Robb Johnson, Saskia Tomkins, Miranda Sykes) at Faversham Folk, Chimney Boy, November 7th, 2001.

Three songs - Hot Rats duo - Ian Cutler & Doug Hudson, Noah's Arc, Whitstable, November 16th, 2001.

Ramona, Zinta and Andy - A live recording at the Mick Jagger Centre, of Camine songs and instrumentals, September 2001.

Tim, Laura and Lucy - A live recording of Kentish fiddler Laura Targett, Ramsgate Marina, Christmas, 2001.

LifeBoat House Deal - A live recording of Shanty Crew, Bosun's Call and the Deal Hoodeners, in the LifeBoat House, Deal on the 7th of September, 2003.

*** NEW *** :

French-Breton-European Session - Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux, recorded 2005-03-14.

Celtic Session - Anchor Inn, recorded 2008-01-16.

KentFolk MP3 music available from eFolkMusic in the USA :

eFolkMusic is a highly respected site that has been delivering quality downloads for a number of years, and is used by some big names such as Natalie MacMaster. It now operates as a charity. I have begun a program of working with some of the best names in Kent to upload Kentish music to this site, as individual MP3s and as Digital Albums, to make their music more widely available.
Details on these further downloads can be found on the page :
eFolkMusic web page

All MP3 music files are mounted with the approval of the artists concerned.

MP3 Tools

Download MP3 music players and sound editors :

Note, the excellent MusicMach Jukebox has become the less-good Yahoo Music Jukebox. They, like RealPlayer and Apple iTunes, keep trying to flog you music and video, but it is possible to download free players, and for a small amount more you gain the ability on RealPlayer to record line-in (and other plusses).
To listen to past BBC programs (for up to a week after the program) you will need RealPlayer.
The excellent Syntrillium CoolEdit200 sound editor has become Adobe Audition 2.0 at typical hefty Adobe prices.

Combined CD orders

To make a combined CD order, saving on postage and transaction charges, please email me with the details of the CDs you would like, and where they are to be posted to. I will confirm that the CDs are currently available, and give a total price including combined postage and transaction cost.

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